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By checking this box you are validating that everything you have giving ASM on your medical history it's valid and will not be altered in any way because that would put your health at risk.
You have 48 hours to cancel after deposit is made in order to receive a full refund. After 48 hours, 10% of the cost of your procedure will be kept by the facility for all arrangements previously made for your procedure. Any reimbursement will take between 1-2 weeks working days. In the event of a suspended procedure due to health issues found the facility will charge $515 dlls to cover all medical expenses. Any cancellations that are a cause of not following ASM pre-op diet will have a 60% penalty of your procedure. In case the patient does not show up with out prior notice or rescheduled surgery date, there will be no return of deposit made towards your surgery. For rescheduling you will have 3 weeks before your locked date. Rescheduling during the 3 weeks prior your surgery date will make you lose your initial deposit, having to start the application process all over again. You can only reschedule once. If by any means you have to reschedule a second time, you will lose your initial deposit and it will be as if you are applying for the first time.
Remember that this is about a LIFE COMMITMENT DECISION, that will not only make you feel better in every aspect of your life, but it will also make you a HEALTHIER PERSON.
Let's commit to us! for a better life, for more dreams and paths to open up.