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    Weigh Loss Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

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    Mexico is a country filled with highly skilled physicians trained at international standards, who continually update their training adding new skills and knowledge to their practices. This is why people from the United States and beyond decide to travel across the border in order to obtain the same quality services that they would receive in their own countries; but for a fraction of the cost.

    Not only are medical procedures much more affordable in Mexico, but Mexican physicians oftentimes offer a warmer and more welcoming environment for their patients.

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about medical procedures in Mexico, causing people to shy away from the great opportunity that medical tourism provides.

    With any surgery, there are possible complications, in any country and with any surgeon. These possibilities go up when a surgeon does not have the proper training to preform a surgery, and these complications can, in rare cases, even end in deaths. Unskilled and untrained doctors are the basis of the horror stories that create a bad reputation for Mexican physicians. For this reason, we urge our patients to thoroughly research the surgeon which they choose to employ.

    There is indeed more room for untrained doctors in Mexico; but their existence does not mean that the country isn’t filled with trained and qualified professionals.

    Tijuana is located in the Northwest corner of Mexico and shares a border with San Diego, California.

    Tijuana is the leader of medical tourism in Mexico, due to both the level of training of its physicians and its proximity to the United States. However, it is not only medical procedures bringing people to Tijuana, as it is the most visited city in the world.

    Millions of people a year visit the city to experience the vibrant culture and meet the noble, helpful, and friendly inhabitants of the city.

    We are privileged to be located in the golden zone of Tijuana, only five minutes from the international border. Not only is our location convenient, but also close to many wonderful restaurants, as well as commercial and cultural centers. Thousands of people a year from all over the world come to undergo many different types of procedures in Tijuana, for many different reasons, including:

    • The best doctors in Mexico are located here
    • Patients receive the same or better services as in first world countries
    • Excellent results time and time again
    • Doctors are warmer and more communicative with their patients
    • All patients receive highly personalized treatment
    • Unbeatable prices
    • Cutting edge equipment and installations

    These seven points are precisely what A Slimmer Me is all about. Our dedication to our patients has made us a leading option for gastric sleeve surgery or revision surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. We, the family behind A Slimmer Me and J.L. Prado Surgical Center have dedicated ourselves to convey that confidence to all of our patients, treating each one as a member of our own family.

    We understand that to undergo a surgical procedure is a big decision, and that traveling to a different country to do so is an even bigger one. This is why from the day that patients arrive until the day that they leave, we are consciously creating an environment in which patients feel accompanied and taken care of. Your needs are our needs, and your comfort is our comfort.

    Our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Luis Enrique Montaño, is a fellow of The American College of Surgeons in the United States, and also belongs to the Mexican Councils of Obesity. He is an incredibly talented surgeon who is constantly applying new techniques that he has learned in the international congresses that he attends each year.

    One of our main objectives is to do away with the taboos that exist around coming to Tijuana to get a bariatric surgery, or any other for that matter. We are professionals. We are secure. And we will always guarantee the best quality service at a very affordable price.

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