Dr. David Romo Parada, Bariatric Anesthesiologist in Tijuana

Dr. David Romo Parada

Bariatric Chief Anesthesiologist


Dr. David Romo has lived in Tijuana and San Diego all of his life. He studied medicine at the Xochicalco University of Higher Education. He completed his internship at the General Hospital of Tijuana, and his Social Service at the Janos Health Center, in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico.

He practiced general medicine for 5 years and later performed at the General Hospital of the State of Sonora.
Presently he works as an anesthesiologist at the Rosarito General Hospital. He currently works for the Mexican Social Security Institute, and he has colaborated in more than 1000 bariatric surgeries.


  • Professional Certificate
  • College Degree. General Surgeon
  • Certificate. Anesthesiologist

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